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Black ★ Rock Shooter: Substance through Style

Many people have heard the term “Style over Substance”. Typically used for shows that are more interested in looking cool and aesthetically pleasing than conveying a tightly woven story, complex characters or deep thematic explanation. There’s plenty of stories like this, and there’s nothing wrong with having style over substance by choice- If your art is cool enough, and the overall set up is enough fun, then having entertainment that’s meant to be enjoyed for primarily aesthetic reasons is fine.
But I think that it’s a bit too easy to use this term to ignore the narrative provided by a story’s visuals- Not to repeat what others have already explained far more concisely than I’d be able to, but a series’ aesthetics can be all you need to tell a story. The first thing I think of when considering this would be the popular multimedia series, Black ★ Rock Shooter.

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